No Doubt

Hear what this young lady says about what she wants to do. Notice she has a vision of this experience.  Look at every success story and you will see it.  At numerous points they were scared. So what drove them?  Their knowing they are doing what they were intended to do.

I am personally drawn to the singers like this one. You will find the same formula in every walk of life.  You will find it in a grocery store, a restaurant, your neighborhood – you will find it with executives and parents who devote a great portion of their time to their children. You will find it in teachers, police officers, military. Yes you will find it in every place there are people.  The it is the person who knows they are doing what they were meant to be doing at that point in time and are scared about how well they will do.  They move past that and do it and world is a better place because of them.

Confidence Success Blueprint does not mean you are not scared. It does not mean that you know all the steps. It means you know you will figure it out.

Watch both videos. Notice what is happening for the second one – a mentor Just Sayin I look forward to your comments