10 Lessons Life Has Taught Me – by Robin Sharma

10 Lessons Life Has Taught MeAdopt these and you will have no shortage of confidence and your results will exceed your expectations

10 Lessons Life Has Taught Me
By Robin Sharma

#1. Givers versus takers always win (even when they think they don’t).

#2. Dream 20x bigger because at the end you’ll have wished you did.

#3. Doing work that wows is a massive source of pride, happiness and self-fulfilment.

#4. The hours we waste today we’ll miss in the future.

#5. Success is so much more than just money. It has to do with what reaching a huge goal makes of you. It has to do with inspiring people by your excellence. It has to do with producing value that serves many. And it has to do with making your mark on the generations who’ll follow you.

#6. Adversity is a servant of your growth, progress and talent expression. Embrace it’s gifts and thank it’s lessons.

#7. Health is a crown on the well person’s head that only the sick person can see (told to me by a participant at one of my events).

#8. Investing in books, courses, conferences and powerful learning returns your investment 100x. Success adores the lifelong learner.

#9. The humblest is the greatest (and the quietest).

#10. Being polite, decent and loving will always serve you incredibly well.

Robin Sharma is one of my favorite authors. You will be happy you with the time you take to read his books.

“Your Success Is My Business”

Steve Pohlit, Partner 

Success Coach

International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach
International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach

Challenges Are What You Came For

Neale Donald Walsch is one of my favorite authors and teachers. I receive a message from him nearly everyday. Today’s message is particularly important and relevant.

Neale Donald Walsch on ChallengesOn this day of your life,
Steve, I believe God wants you to know…
…that challenges are what you came for. And you are
never, ever, given a challenge you cannot overcome.The purpose of life is to give you a chance to be the
grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held
about Who You Are. When challenges arrive, then,
move straight to clarity: This is what you came for.Now rise to this occasion, and know that you have
every resource with which to create the right and
perfect outcome.
Love,  Your Friend …



How to Build Unstoppable Self Confidence Even If Everything is Going Against You by Dawn Abraham

(I am connected to Dawn on LinkedIn She posts wonderful information. Click Here to visit her site and this original article – while there subscribe for her valuable free offers.)

How to Build Unstoppable Self Confidence Even If Everything is Going Against You

Do you know what self-confidence means?

What do think it takes to get it? If you feel hopeless and think everyone is better off than you, you’re in the right place.  You will understand why you have inferior thoughts about yourself and how to remedy that.


How to Build Unstoppable Self Confidence  That Will Propel You to Exceed

Imagine that you feel great about yourself and you have a wonderful sense of belonging. Where you know that you can accomplish anything in this life, there is nothing you cannot do.

I have had amazing success and devastating loss. I know what they both feel like and for me the balance of feeling good about myself and knowing I belong on this planet and why, has given me the most sincere form of self confidence I have ever experienced.

If you are wondering how I arrived at this point I would have to say it has been a combination of many different experiences. For me I had to discover  myself. Find out who Dawn Abraham really is and what do I want from life.

Does Soul-Searching Lead to Self Confidence?

I had to experience some soul searching for a lack of a better word. How true that statement is. I did discover my soul and a whole lot more. You want to get in touch with that higher portion of yourself, within that is absolute freedom and self confidence.

When I set out on this journey, I had no idea I would get a complete sense of self. I knew one thing; I did not want to experience insecurity any more. I did not want to feel as if I was always trying to please everyone. To know I have a purpose in life  and to feel at home here on earth was my aspiration. I was searching for that feeling. If that is what you are searching for pull up a chair.

Did I find it? Yes! I did find it. Do you know why?  I really wanted it more then anything in the world.  I really wanted to feel at peace with me and with you. If you want something enough you will get it, that I promise you whether you like it or not!

The Connection is the Bridge I Used to Discover my Self Confidence.

It comes from the connection to all that is. The feeling that I am apart of everything in the Universe is a feeling so strong I know it from the depths of my being. That feeling takes away your fear. How can you be afraid of anything when you are everything?  If you are one with the universe, everything will always be wonderful, in a profound beautiful way.

It seems to me that everyone is searching for that feeling, in one way or another that is what we all want. In order for me to get to that place spiritually, I had to slow down. I had to slow way down.

I had to STOP. I had to get willing to really look at myself. I let go of the things, people, and situations in my life that weren’t moving in a forward direction.  If you want to move forward, it’s a good idea to do a good housecleaning and dump all the people that suck the life out of you.


Digging Deep for the Courage that Boosts Self Confidence

I had to be willing to let go of anything that was holding me down. I’m letting you know that it wasn’t comfortable. I felt an attachment to all of those people and those things. I used them as crutches without realizing it. Even though I may have put myself in situations or life styles that were uncomfortable at least I knew what to expect.

The idea of changing all of that took courage. Finding that courage to let go of the people and things in my life that no longer served me, really supported  me to become self confidant Knowing that I cared enough about myself to make those difficult adjustments to say the least, developed  my self esteem and gave me a sense of empowerment.

Empowerment Equals Self Confidence

Knowing that I have choices felt incredible to me just realizing that I didn’t have to stay in that suffocating relationship or that over demanding career.

While I’m in those situations, it does not occur to me that I have made a choice to stay in that career or relationship. Once I was aware of that, I could then make another choice. Different choices, ones that give me power and allow me to create my life and not react to it.

That is true empowerment when you realize that you and you alone are responsible for your life. I had to look at my life and say I created this. I don’t like it, now I’m going to create something I do like. I am going to create something I love!

You’re confidence will go up 100 percent if you stop and take a look at what choices you are relaying on and realize you have the power to make different ones at anytime.

Ask yourself…”why am I stuck?” “What is the pay off for me?” If you’re still in it, look to see what the payoff is. Allow yourself to see the situation differently. Realize you can take your power back at anytime it’s never too late.

That is the beginning of the road to building a healthy self confidence and a strong relationship with you.

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Your Self Development Confidence Success Blueprint

Confidence Success Blueprint

If your energy is opposite of what you intend to experience you will experience just that. You have a choice. ….Are You Stuck? I recommend Getting Unstuck …Click Here
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Action Steps for Getting Your Internal Guidance System Unblocked or How To Remove Fear and Other Negative Emotions That Are Blocking Your Progress

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1.       Register for the Free Course at Manifest Mastermind and become a member if it is in your budget.

2.       Buy a high quality journal that is leather bound and has high quality paper.

3.       Buy the Daily Word and Science of Mind (Google them)

4.       Buy the Yes Attitude by Jeffrey Gittomer (Amazon)

5.       Have your own resources that will help you. The classic Think and Grow Rich is fantastic as well as all the books by Catherine Ponder, Jerry and Esther Hicks,  Neil Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Randy Gage and more like them.

6.       Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes each day and ideally 30 -60 minutes reading the Daily Word, Science of Mind and Yes Attitude ( at some point you will finish the Yes Attitude and then replace it . Spend additional time with a book like Think and Grow Rich

7.       Write in your journal the most compelling guidance from any of these resources that you want to focus on and have make a difference in your life. Now you can see why I advise invest in a journal. This is where very valuable thoughts and ideas go.  There are many ways you can use a journal. At a minimum do what I am suggesting.

8.       Carry the journal with you when possible or note cards from your journal and then when you catch yourself doing or saying something that represents a behavior you are intending to change refer to your journal for guidance. If you are journaling  that you are going to take some forward moving action steps each day, write it visualize it as done and take action.

9.       This all takes a commitment, persistence and practice. However you do want to become unstuck don’t you? Notice the last two words of step 8 – Take Action

10.   Register for my lists. You will be amazed at how great the information is that I send out free of charge. Join this list http://stevepohlit.com   Also http://confidencesuccessblueprint.com

Steve Pohlit, International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur
Steve Pohlit, International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur

Steve Pohlit

International Business Development Consulting
Real Estate Investment Consulting
Executive Coach

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A Secret To Activating The Confidence Within

There is a secret to activating the confidence within you that will result in success. This secret is very easy to understand and requires no special training or investment in books, tapes, seminars, classes or coaches. However, once you learn the secret you will be well served by continuing to  investment in relevant education and coaching.

Earl Nightingale is famous for his broadcast titled “The Strangest Secret” The Strangest Secret was his view of The Law of Attraction which can be traced to the beginning of human records. Earl announced in his famous broadcast…”you become what you think about!”  The Law of Attraction is “like attracts like”  Can you attract the love of another, money, success, good health, sickness, hatred, poverty?  All of these and more you can attract based on the energetic vibration you send out. The energy you send out is a direct result of  what you are thinking.

You ask what does this have to do with Confidence? The secret to unshakable confidence is developing a skill you were born with. That skill is common sense. The better you are at using common sense the more you will be confident in what you do and say. The more confident you are the greater the success you will experience based on how you define success. You see the associated energy we send out in a confident state attracts the ideas and resources supporting our success.  The confidence state supports our taking action on what will make the most difference in achieving success as we define it.

Recently I worked at a client’s hardware store business. My commitment was  for two full days. Since I had been working with this client by phone for more than 6 months I wasn’t exactly sure of all the topics that would fill the two day agenda.  However, as soon as I pulled in the parking lot I knew that the two days would be spent on developing a transformational roadmap.

Every business needs to demonstrate congruence with the definition of the business. You don’t enter an airport terminal and board a train. At an airport it is very clear you will be flying. Think about a large flea market. You expect a wide variety of products, displays and experiences. You do not expect the experience of a flea market if you are entering a jewelry store. From your experience then it is common sense a movie theater will be dark with a big screen. Common sense then tells me that if I am driving up to a hardware store I should experience the visuals of a hardware store. Since I didn’t from the parking lot and since I didn’t when I walked  in the door, I knew I needed to drill down, find out why, fix the reason and repaint the picture. Most of the work was common sense and I had the absolute confidence we would develop a great roadmap and timetable for implementing the action steps in the roadmap.

Later that same day, I was have a refreshment at the hotel and the server asked me what I did. I explained that part of what I do is that  I am an international business development and  real estate investment coach. He then told me about five rental properties he owned. He  started to tell me the problems in the real estate industry. I politely told him he was not looking at the business of investing in the most optimal way. When he began to debate my lesson I explained to him that the profit formula was actually common sense and using this formula in my own business and with clients I coach, I have proven through results that the formula works in any real estate market.

Begin focusing on how many successes in your life were simply a result of using common sense. Yes it is true I have learned business principles and real estate investment principles in classrooms, from coaches, from books and more. So the detailed knowledge I needed for my professional interests I have acquired and continue to acquire. However,  common sense is the main reason for huge successes.  Having said that you can’t just think about it!


There is no better way to move from where you are economically today than where you want to be than being in your own business.  There is no better way to succeed in your own business fast than to be led step by step by an experienced coach who has experienced success and struggles.

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Note: there is only one surefire way of achieving the success you crave…take responsibility for your success. Become a better you.   Become valuable for others.

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